Container Ramps for Sale in Melbourne

We don’t want you to be limited when trying to transport your containers and drums throughout your warehouse or factory. This is why at DHE Materials Handling Equipment, we have a solution that will help you transport these loads easily and safely. Our container ramps for sale are designed to act as a smooth surface bridge between lower level and smaller height climbs. Our ramps ensure to match the height of a container and allow easy entry and exit of forklifts carrying loads. Perfect for smaller vehicles like forklifts, this will be the safe alternative to manhandling equipment throughout different avenues of your warehouse.

Durable container ramps for your Melbourne business

These container ramps are designed with complete durability in mind, making sure that small vehicles can pass over it without fear of buckling or breakage. Even if our container ramps are exposed to constant use, we are proud to say that they will be long lasting for your transport. With all our products, we ensure that they live up to the safety regulations in Australia, so that we can limit any potential harm or injuries that could happen. These ramps can be moved easily throughout the warehouse, allowing you to achieve jobs easily and effectively. If required, we can customise ramps to suit your relevant specifications. This allows us to provide you with the exceptional service and products that our customers have grown accustomed to.

If you would like to find out more about our full range of container ramps available in Melbourne, contact our team today at DHE Materials Handling Equipment.

Ensuring quality container ramps and service

DHE Materials Handling Equipment is the company providing high-quality container ramps, accessories and tools for forklifts at affordable prices. Our range includes:

  • Forklift slippers
  • Forklift attachments
  • Forklift jibs
  • Forklift spreaders

Not only do we have ramps for sale, but we also carry full ranges of spill containers, drum trolleys, IBC accessories, and more. For more information on our container ramps, contact our sales team today on 1300 067 281, or get in touch via email on