Forklift Slippers & Extensions in Melbourne

If you are looking to extend the way your forklift operates, then DHE Materials Handling Equipment’s range of forklift slippers and extensions is right for you. With a wide selection of forklift extension slippers available, you will be able to find the attachment that helps you to carry various amounts of weight throughout your warehouse or factory. Meeting all safety regulations set out in Australia, our products are safe and versatile attachments for your forklift. For many years, our expert company has been supplying some of the leading chemical, mining and manufacturing companies throughout Victoria with our state-of-the-art material handling equipments.

Our range of forklift products include:

  1. Forklift attachments
  2. Forklift jibs
  3. Forklift spreaders
  4. Forklift tipping bins
  5. Forklift cages
  6. Forklift drum lifters
  7. And more

Temporary Forklift Extensions

It is crucial to keep in mind that our forklift extensions and slippers are intended to temporarily expand current fork tines and should not be utilised as a permanent addition. Fork slippers for ordinary use should not be longer than 167% of the supporting tyne's length. If the slippers are longer than 167%, then the usage of those slippers should be restricted to their specified application. When employing fork slipper tyne extensions, caution must always be used to ensure that the load is uniform and fully supported by the appropriate fork tyne.

Order forklift extensions & other equipment from DHEMHE

Whether you’re looking for forklift extensions and slippers, container ramps or IBC accessories in Melbourne or any other city in Victoria, the team at DHE Materials Handling Equipment is here to help. For more information or to request an obligation-free quote, contact our sales team today on 1300 067 281 or get in touch via email at Alternatively, you can fill in our online enquiry form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are alternate names for forklift extensions? +

Forklift extensions are sometimes known as fork extenders, long lifts, fork sleeves, or fork slippers.

What do forklift slippers serve? +

Slippers on a forklift, also known as fork extensions, are accessories that slide over the forklift's tines and are intended to temporarily increase the length of the forklift's current forks. This enables the forklift to handle longer, bulky, oddly shaped, or heavier loads that normal forks cannot safely and efficiently support. They are critical for increasing a forklift's adaptability and capacity, making it easier to lift and transport large things while maintaining safety and stability.

Can I utilise fork extensions with a forklift? +

Yes, you can utilise fork extensions on a forklift. When employing fork extensions, it is vital to observe these safety guidelines:

  • Weight Limitations: Make sure the load's weight does not exceed the forklift's capacity with the extensions.
  • Load Stability: Ensure that the load is properly balanced to prevent tipping or dropping.
  • Secure Fit: Make sure the extensions are tightly secured to the existing forks.
  • Extension lengths: Should not exceed 167% of the original fork length.
  • Visibility: Be careful that longer forks may impair visibility and manoeuvrability.

By adhering to these criteria, fork extensions can be a safe and effective approach to improving a forklift's versatility.