Drum Handling

Drum Handling Block

Prevent and reduce employee injuries in the workplace and increase productivity by providing your employees with manual handling product solutions. These products designed for specific activities are one of our specialist areas. Our models for lifting drums off pallets, tipping, turning, loading and unloading from vehicles and one that is designed just like a pallet truck are simple and easy to use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of equipment can be used to properly handle drums? +

Drum handling equipment consists of the following:

  • Drum Lifters: Attachments that allow forklifts or cranes to safely lift and move drums.
  • Drum Trolleys: Wheeled carts used to move drums.
  • Drum Dollies: Platforms with wheels for simple drum movement.
  • Drum Tippers/Rotators: Devices that turn or tip drums to empty or mix the contents.
  • Drum Grabs: Clamping devices for securely gripping drums when lifting.
  • Drum Wrenches: Tools used to open and close drum lids.

Can you transport drums with a forklift? +

Yes, you can transport drums with a forklift using specialised attachments designed for drum handling. These attachments include:

  • Drum Grabs: Clamp onto the sides of the drum for secure lifting and transportation.
  • Drum Lifters: Attachments that lift the drum from the top or sides.
  • Drum Palletisers: Help position drums on pallets for easy forklift transport.

These attachments ensure safe and efficient handling of drums, preventing spills and damage during transport.

What is proper drum handling? +

Proper drum handling entails a set of actions and safeguards that assure safety and efficiency. Here are the main points:

  • Use appropriate equipment such as drum lifters, trolleys, dollies, and forklift attachments to safely transfer drums.
  • Check the Drum Condition: Before handling drums, inspect them for leaks, dents, and other damage.
  • Secure Drums: Fasten drums securely on handling equipment to prevent tipping or dropping.
  • Maintain Control: Move drums gently and carefully to avoid unexpected movements that could result in spills or accidents.

What is drum handling equipment? +

Drum handling equipment is a set of specialised tools and devices used to safely and efficiently lift, move, spin, and store drums. This equipment lowers the risk of injury and spillage during drum handling procedures.