Forklift Jib Attachments Melbourne

DHE Materials Handling Equipment have a range of forklift jib attachments available for businesses across Melbourne and several cities in Victoria. Capacities range from 2.5 tonnes to 4.75 tonnes in both short-reach and long-reach lengths.

Affordable Lifting Jibs in Melbourne

Our rigid lifting jibs are affordable, general-purpose jibs. They are manoeuvrable in confined spaces with the ability to extend out to either two or five metres. Manufactured with a galvanised finish, they are supplied with a safety swivel hook and shackle.

We also have incline lifting jibs that are affordable and the perfect jibs for general-purpose jobs. They are highly versatile jibs that can move through confined and limited spaces. With the ability to extend out to 2 or 3.5 metres, we can assure you that you will be able to complete your work safely. All our jibs are reinforced with a galvanised finish and supplied to you with a safety swivel hook and shackle, ensuring that you have a safety guarantee.

Jib attachments increase the versatility of a forklift truck in materials handling and often outperform overhead cranes.

Forklift lifting jibs and other accessories available online

DHE Materials Handling Equipment offer a range of forklift accessories that are fully compliant and come with a load rating plate attached. A conformance certificate and operations manual are also available upon request. Whether you’re looking to manoeuvre stock items around your warehouse or you’re working in manufacturing, our jib attachments are the ideal solution for you.

Our other forklift accessories include:

  1. Forklift slippers
  2. Forklift attachments
  3. Forklift spreaders
  4. Forklift tipping bins
  5. Forklift cages
  6. Forklift drum lifters
  7. and more.

We also stock a range of other useful worksite equipment, including container ramps, IBC accessories and more. Discover our great range online today.

Speak to Melbourne’s forklift experts

Learn more about our forklift jib attachments or any of our material handling equipments by getting in touch with the experienced team at DHEMHE today. You can reach our Melbourne sales team by calling 1300 067 281 or by emailing and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's known as a forklift jib attachment? +

A forklift jib attachment is an accessory that attaches to the tines of a forklift to increase its lifting capacity for specialised uses. It is often made up of a long, horizontal arm with a hook or lifting point at the end, allowing the forklift to lift and handle objects that are too large for normal forks alone. Forklift jibs are often used to lift and position long or oddly shaped loads, suspend things for transit, and reach over obstacles or into tight spaces.

What is the purpose of a jib attachment? +

A forklift jib attachment increases the forklift's reach, allowing it to move goods into tight places or over obstacles. It promotes adaptability by managing a variety of loads, improves load manipulation for precise positioning, and boosts lifting capacity for specific applications. Jibs also help with safety by providing secure attachment points for lifting, lowering the danger of accidents or damage during material handling procedures.

How do you operate with a forklift jib? +

Using the forklift jib attachment:

  1. Prepare the forklift and attach the jib securely.
  2. Position the forklift and align jib hook point with the goods.
  3. Engage jib with load and secure.
  4. Lift the load slowly and cautiously.
  5. Transport the load to its destination.
  6. Unload and detach the jib.

Follow the safety protocols during the process.